Are you sure don't want any

of his ashes? There's tons.


You could put them in a pretty box.

You could put them in a pill and take it.


The friend who might eat her placenta.

The mother who thinks eating one part of the animal

is different than eating another part of the animal

and doesn’t want to be tricked.


You all ate it for Christmas and didn't even know it:

sugar-free syrup, sugar-free cream.


Do you know what cardinals mean?

That there are souls or spirits around,


and there are always cardinals in this garden.

There always have been, I think.


I didn't want to make it a shrine.

I don't even like the door shut. 


I took the ashes already

and didn't tell anyone.


The law to inform of death,

the distribution of wills.

They charge a fortune

to die, they make you do it

differently in different places.


I wanted to leave

but the moment was tender

and the wishbone

not yet broken.