I give

more to man, more to woman

not myself, anyone but me.

I’ve always had a hard time finding

the line between others and me.

Call me hyperpermeable

call me emotional theremin

call me other categoried—

So be it.

So be the vibratous fields of energy

between us, blending

our bodyborders fuzzy.

So be it I am addicted to intimacy

(false sense of safety).

So be the world. Everywhere you look

the world is tearing itself apart.

How does this body breathe?

How does it feel to rise

from sleep? The heart descends,

forgives itself. Every human

has felt this way: vast, tender, empty.

Pulled long against the weight

of its own body.

Some questions have answers that are easy

like if there’s red in the egg

have I interrupted something?

But how long to cook it

and much to share

depends. The oven, the relative hunger.

Everywhere you look the world

is tearing itself apart

which is why I want to be

so close.







published in subTerrain