Bright Smiles, Brighter Futures

Bringing Toothbrushing to the Classroom to Create a Culture of Oral Health in Eastern Kentucky



"The Rhinemaiden

 A shortness of breath and a taste of ash"

by Razmig Bedirian


"Wales Short Stories"

by Amir Ahmadi Arian


Alibi of Autonomy

by Cheon Pyo Lee

"while whales keep swimming north"

by Etel Adnan


"Synonyms for Cruelty"

by Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

in Washington Square Review

Issue 41, Spring 2018

Rooted in Our Communities

The University of Kentucky in Appalachia

founding editor [  2014 - discontinued ] 

Adapted Clinical Guidelines: Treatment Recommendations for Homeless Patients with Chlamydial or Gonococcal Infections

2013 Updates

National Healthcare for the Homeless Council

My Life and Family History

a self-published memoir by Gloria Calhoun [ 2012 ] 


Orthopaedia, Vanderbilt University Department of Orthopaedics Newsletter, copywriter, 2015 - present


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